Whether your a Homeowner/landlord or tenant in Hong Kong or Overseas we can carry out only the necessary jobs required to get the place tenetable or sellable again and will give our honest opinion on what needs done.

We will tackle only the jobs required to make the difference to your property.

We specialize in being able to save on time and labour where we can and offer a fast and professional service.

We realise in this business time is money.

Whether your moving In/ moving out or moving on or in between rentals we can help you turn your place into a home again or reinstate the apartment back to the condition you found it to help get back your hard earned deposit.

We also have worked closely with property agents and management company’s and have offered advice and our services to help them and there clients to achieve a quick turn around.

Typical jobs may include :

Full or partial repaints covering grubby marks on walls.

Filling holes and damage on plaster.

Touching updamage or scratches on floors and furniture/doors and woodwork.

Hanging of artwork and picture rails.

Custom made storage furniture/shelving.

Tailor made small room furniture and mattress.

Curtains and blinds

Installation of smoke detectors