No matter how small, starting a renovation or home-improvement project can be a complicated undertaking. We do our best to make it as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Chameleon Design & Interiors?

Chameleon Design & Interiors’ founder Mark Fraser has three decades of experience, including three years training at building college, advanced construction classes at College of Building and Printing, on-the-job training in textiles and window coverings, and an excellent 20-year track record of working with both residential and commercial clients here in Hong Kong. Not only does Mark offer professional services, but he is also personable and easy to communicate with.

What do we do?

Chameleon offers you an affordable and complete home decoration experience from planning to completion. Thank’s to our professional and straight-forward approach, working with Chameleon is a hassle-free experience. We bring our passion for building and a penchant for creativity to every job—no matter how big or small. An in-depth industry knowledge and a knack for design trends, Chameleon provides a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to paint jobs, shabby chic furniture, custom furniture design, renovations, custom woodworkwindow fixtures, flooring, cabinetry and more.

What must I do before starting renovation works?

Before starting renovation works, you must decide on what your end-goal is. Is it to rent out quickly to a tenant, or make your space more livable, or increase sellable value? Another important aspect is the budget: you’ll need to work out your budget for the job and stick to it whenever possible.

How long will my renovation project take?

The length of a renovation project varies considerably, depending on the scope of the project, budget and time available. We can work according to your schedule will accommodate changes whenever possible.We pride ourselves in efficiency but we don’t take shortcuts. Just to give you an idea of timelines: a basic apartment paint job, up to 1,000 square feet, takes about a week or more. Whereas a home renovation or kitchen/bathroom upheaval will take closer to one month. For custom furniture, allow about a month as well.

Who covers the insurance?

Workers will have their own accident and injury insurance, and for larger projects, we are covered by liability insurances. However, home owners should also have their own home insurance.

Are there any special things I need to know about interior renovations in Hong Kong?

You should be aware that interior renovations can involve altering the structures and safety of the building. Working safety and building safety is our No. 1 priority, so before knocking down walls we are sure to get everything approved by appointing a structural engineer who will check for load-bearing walls and other safety concerns. We also appoint a registered electrician when necessary.

Do you offer interior design consultations?

We do offer interior design consultations on an hourly basis. We also provide ideas and advice at no charge whenever possible.

What are common problems that can occur?

Problems that occur are usually due to unclear or unrealistic expectations, such as the duration of the job, the budget allowances, or the discovery of new problems as the project unfolds—think rotten floors, dampness, waterproofing problems, mould issues or leaking pipes. This can increase the budget and delay the job completion.

Do you only do large projects?

Nope! We do jobs of all sizes. From custom furniture to standard paint jobs to storage solutions, nothing is too big or too small.

Is bespoke painting more expensive than normal paint?

In a nutshell: yes, it is, but that’s because it’s all done by hand and includes color samples and design consultations prior to starting the project.

How long do blinds and curtain rails/rods take to make?

Simple rails can be finished in one or two days, where as vertical or Venetian blinds will take about seven to 10 days as they are more complicated. For shutters, they usually take up to two weeks.

How much does it all cost?

Every job is different. We’ve carried out work for renters, home owners, consulates, architects, landlords and business owners. No job is too big or too small, and Chameleon will always strive to meet your budget requirements and offer advice on how to do so. Though project costs vary considerably, depending on scope and materials needed, our prices are very competitive.

So how do I get started?

It’s easy:

  1. Contact us for a quote at +852 92198169 or
  2. We’ll get back to you with an estimated cost and timeline.
  3. If the quotation is acceptable, we’ll schedule a start date.